Short facts:

  • A split panel with 1000 young people, between the ages of 10 and 25, are included in the study. Related to the total population in this age-group, they are a representative sample of students, workers, unemployed and persons on parental leave.
  • In addition a panel of 104 in-depth face-to-face interviews were performed at home environment yearly between 1995-2000. Furthermore the respondents were interviewed by means of the World Values Survey questionnaire.
  • The Nineties Report is led by associate professor Bi Puranen. The study has been supported by The Council of Working Life, The National Health Institute, Vattenfall and Vägverket and conducted at The Institute for Futures Studies in Sweden.
  • Twelve young people were given special training in interview techniques and they performed all the initial interviews.
  • The model were used in pilot studies of young people in other places such as Venezuela(Bonair), Borneo (Malaysia), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Singapore, Hong Kong and at Ireland.
  • The panel continues under the label of Global Generation as a parallel to a new panel which starts at the year 2000. Results are continuously presented at this web-site.

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