Sophia Antipolis has become a reference throughout Europe for Scientific and Technological parks. Sophia’s principal vocations lay within information technology (43%), life/ health science (10%), and earth science (1%). Higher education and research holds (11%).

Sophia Antipolis is above all an immense crossroads between business, research and teaching. Sophia Antipolis now hosts more than 1100 companies. It is the most sought-after location in Europe today, especially by companies in the information technology sector.
Companies with foreign capital represents 12% of all firms which alone accounts for more than 25% of the 24 000 jobs. Half of them are European and the other half North American. One job out of four is hold by a non-French person. 60% of the jobs are hold by men. Creative capacity, entrepreneurship and innovative management methods are some of the key words for Sophia Antipolis.

Sectors of activities – short overview

(For more information, please read “Liste Des Entreprises (Companies Listing) It can be ordered at S.A.E.M – Sophia Antipolis Enterprise Management-

Information technologies
The IT industry has been fundamental in the expansion of Sophia Antipolis and regroups the largest number of companies. Such as Accenture, Cap Gemini, SAP, H&P, Microsoft, IBM, TI among many others. Areas of expertise encompass designing interfaces for PCs, integrating workstations, networking, LAN and WAN engineering, development, distribution and database management, development and integration of software applications.

Network and Telecommunications

The setting up of ETSI (the European Telecommunications Standard Institute) is evidence of the importance of Sophia Antipolis in the field of networking and telecommunications. European standards for telecommunications are developed and set at ETSI. GSM, GPRS, DAB, DVB, Nicam are among standards that also are adopted worldwide.

Ascom. Ascend Communication. Bouygues Telecom, Cegetel, Cisco are represented. France Telecom, has acted as project manager for the entire Sophia Antipolis telecommunications infrastructure. Lucent Technologies, SITA, and many others firms are involved in the development and integration of communications equipment and software.

There are also dozens of small companies that have found all the right ingredients to blossom in Sophia Antipolis. Examples of expertise include 3D image processing, interactive audio and video CD, DVD-video design, computer game development and multimedia database software development.

Sophia Antipolis is the host to many diverse technologies: development of components for telecommunications, medical or military applications, designing of optical and acoustic devices, of electro-mechanical systems, robotics and home automation. Thomson Marconi Sonar is the second employer of the Park; sonars and radar equipment are its leading products. Schneider Automation, Cadence, Legrand, Rockwell, SAP and Siemens are also conspicuously prominent in the Science Park.

Health-Care Science, fine chemicals and biotechnology
This focus of activity numbers some sixty companies, roughly 2000 people. These companies are particularly involved in R&D programmes in immunology, genetics, dermatology, pharmacy, biochemistry and medical imaging, as well as medical technologies. Allegran, Galderma research and development, N.M.T. Neurosciences, Rohm & Haas and Rhone Poulenc are the major companies in the sector.

Earth Science
Energy, the Environment and material represent a very specific branch of research with some 250 employees 75% of them being high level researchers.

Pure and applied research accounts for some 4000 researchers over approximately fifty public and private establishments. Many of the laboratories located in Sophia Antipolis have a world wide reputation in fields as varied as robotics, artificial intelligence and natural sciences. CNET, CNRS, INRA and INRIA are pinnacles of French research whose presence is strong in Sophia Antipolis.

Higher Education
Higher, further education and training establishments cater for over 3000 students. Their programmes of study are congruent with high-tech emphasis of Sophia Antipolis. Especially well represented are: applied maths, information technology, telecommunications, automation, economics and management. These establishments include .Université de Nice Sophia Antipolis, Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Paris, Ecole Supérieure en Sciences Informatiques, ESINSA, Eurecom Institute, INRIA, Theseus Institute and CERAM group.

There are lots of different clubs and networks in Sophia Antipolis. Database Forum Club, Club des Dirigeants, Telecom Valley, Club High-tech, Sophia Start-up, MBDS, Initiative Riviera Technology, IMET Mediterranean, PMI France-Sud to mention some of them. And then there is the great advantage of what’s in the neighbourhood; the sea, the sun, the pines, the olives, the architectural style, the history…

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