Some of the finished and ongoing
research projects by Bi Puranen

World Values Survey

Asian people (href)

WVS is a series of intercultural studies based on interviews with representative population samples from about 60 countries concerning the respondents´ views on work, health, the economy, the family, the environment, politics, morals, religion etc. Read more.


Global Generation

Earth (href)

The aim of this project is to understand the globalization process versus young people´s value patterns and believe systems; modernization versus westernization, generation versus generation, environmental concerns versus mobility, technological development versus tradition. Read more.

Sophia Antipolis

Sophia Logo (href)

Probably the most international spot in France - in a pine-scented science park called Sophia Antipolis some 20 kms from Nice, more than 20 000 people work with advanced research on IT, telecom and medicine. We chose to establish here. Read why.


The Nineties Report

Young people (href)

Do young people believe in the future? An in depth ongoing panel study about future, work, family, environment, mobility, technology and culture. Read more.

Culturnet Sweden

Man stuck in net (href)

To create a digital cultural network and to propose an IT strategy for the cultural sector of Sweden, was the aim of a governmental inquiry led by Bi Puranen. Read more.


Knowledge & Creativity

4 painted arrows (href)

In modern society, there is a growing priority of creativity. In the production of goods and services the emphasis shifts from traditional learning to new concepts on knowledge and information infrastructure. Read more.

Futures Energy

Light bulb (href)

We all want a society based on a safe, sustainable energy supply. How can these needs be reconciled? Research on the young generation's values and future perspectives are presented. Read more.



Working women (href)

Perceptivity is a key word to understand howyoung people judge risks and makes choices in their way of communicating. The aim of this project is to understand the interaction between value patterns and beliefsystemswith main emphasis on mobility and communication. Read more.


Tuberculosis picture (href)

TB is one of the world´s most prevalent infective diseases. The complex relations between the bacteria, man and society will be presented by analyzing the occurrence and causes of tuberculosis in Sweden 1750-1980 Read more.



Sick woman (href)

How to identify strategies for combining production and reproduction in societies where there is a rapidly decreasing difference between the proportion of men and women in employment.


Bee (href)

Bikupan is a Swedish knowledge company working with communication strategies business intelligence and research. Bikupan operates internationally in cooperation with Theseus, France. Design and action learning are key concepts. Read more.


Curriculum Vitae

Photo of Bi (href)

Ph.D Bi Puranen is an associate professor at the University of Stockholm and a faculty member of Theseus, France, responsible for futures studies. She is a special expert on IT appointed by the Swedish government. Bi is also a frequent lecturer and participates in several international networks concerning the future society. Read Bi´s biography and CV.


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