Bi Puranen, Special Expert


The Swedish Government has appointed Bi Puranen as special expert. Since 1989, she has also been doing research work at the Institute for Futures Studies, supervising the research project "The 90's Report" (Rapport 90-tal), where basic disparities between Swedish citizens of different generations are being surveyed.

  Bi Puranen is associate professor of economic history at the University of Stockholm. She has also been lecturing and researching at the University of Umeå. Bi Puranen participated during the early years of digitizing Swedish source material for research purposes. In 1973 the Demographic Database was founded, with Bi Puranen as production manager. She was also the director of The Research Archive for Modern Media at the University of Umeå. In her research and writings she deals with subjects such as medical history, tuberculosis, women's conditions, values and standards among young people, as well as environment and energy issues. A selection of book titles: "Being a Woman is no Disease" (Att vara kvinna är ingen sjukdom), "In Love with Life" (Förälskad i livet), "Tuberculosis", and "The History and Future of Epidemics" (Epidemiernas historia och framtid).


Cissi Billgren, Secretary


Cissi Billgren is secretary to the committee. Before this assignment, she worked as a producer of current affairs programs at the Swedish Broadcasting Corporation. After graduating from studies in journalism at the University of Gothenburg in 1988, she worked as a reporter at the Swedish Broadcasting Corporation and at the Swedish News Agency TT. She has also studied political science and psychology at the University of Stockholm.


Rebecka Svensén, Assistant Secretary


Rebecka Svensén is assistant secretary to the committee, responsible for, among other things, the compilation of the survey.

Rebecka Svensén is a journalist, and she has worked at the Swedish Broadcasting Corporation, with the staff producing a socially oriented program for young people, "Studio X". She has also worked as a reporter for the morning program on Swedish TV Channel 4, as well as with Radio Stockholm and the daily "Länstidningen" in Östersund.

  Apart from her committee work, Rebecka Svensén is also studying political science at the University of Stockholm. And, when she has any time left, she practises boxing. She also grows tomatoes on her balcony, with some assistance from her domesticated rat.


Lotta Biörnstad, Workshop Organizer


Lotta Biörnstad organized three of the committee's five workshops. She was previously employed at the National Council for Cultural Affairs, where she edited and wrote parts of the report "Growing with Culture" (Växa med kultur), where several Swedish projects for children and young people were presented. She is presently employed at Ord & Vetande, where she writes and works with different kinds of new media.

  Lotta Biörnstad has a BA in the history of literature, Swedish and German - she has studied in Stockholm and Copenhagen. She has specialized in Danish poetry of the 80's. She also attended a one-year course in photography at the Kulturama in Stockholm.


Malin Edmar, Assistant Secretary


Malin Edmar, LLB, is assistant secretary to the committee, working with legal and economic aspects of the planned cultural network.

  Malin Edmar has been working at the Institute for Futures Studies. Apart from her work with the committee, she is also secretary of the City Cultural Centre Association, soloist in a choir and an absorbed partaker in all sorts of cultural events in general.


Pär Olsson, Technical Assistant


Pär Olsson works with technical aspects of the planned cultural network.


Pär is a prospective Master of Engineering at Umeå University, specializing in technical computer science. Apart from committee work, he indulges in everything computeresque, practises indoor bandy and plays with his alba cockatoo.


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