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When organizing work and leadership for creativity and efficiency there is an enormous amount of litterature. Words like benchmarking and teambuilding are frequently used. However there are many practical items in modern working life that are missing from this litterature. Foundation of Knowledge and Competence Development is the name of a Swedish organization working with modern life and learning and more specifically with the use of IT. An interesting example of these activities is the online course "Designing Electronic Courses" wich is developed in cooperation with the department of Applied Electronics at Chalmers University in Gothenburg, Sweden and William Horton Consulting, Inc. in Colorado, USA.

The following list includes ten items that I have found to be very important in organizing modern work.

 Small b/w gif Think strategically, try to take the long view even when dealing with uncomplicated issues - if you can't see it perhaps the question is not worth dealing with. Always try to think about the proportions.
 Small b/w gif Broaden your knowledge base. Try to create conditions for thought meetings. Communicate with people with views that differ from your own.
 Small b/w gif Translate from the abstract to the concrete and the other way round - an absolutely essential skill in modern society.
 Small b/w gif Use IT, you win time and efficiency. Connect your telephone with your computer, use the many programming possibilities of your modern mobile telephone etc.
 Small b/w gif Structure your work into projects with deadlines and do an evaluation of your own when finished.
 Small b/w gif Work hard but take a break between the different projects. Giving yourself time to think in between is often the best preparation to the really new ideas.
 Small b/w gif Think globally, there are few questions that are exclusively domestic.
 Small b/w gif Work in a team - communication is an condition for creativity. We compete worldwide!
 Small b/w gif The structural capital is basic, if you document your working process, that is reducing your vulnerability.
Small gif Playtime is worktime!


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