Values, Knowledge and Future Generations: Where is it All Heading?

That's the crucial question for the people working at Bikupan. We are a small knowledge company, doing research, analyzing, teaching and implementing new findings into organizations and corporations. We have a clear action learning perspective promoting synergies between research, education and industry to develop innovative and customized solutions, to stimulate thinking and to help shaping the futures. To develop communication strategies are a key virtue.

Bikupan - the beehive - started 1988. Initially the strategy for the company was expressed as follows: "The company shall pursue activities in interactive media, research and analysis in Business Intelligence, communication strategies and futures studies in Sweden and internationally". This written strategy is a good description of the activities that has been carried out since the foundation of Bikupan.

During more than one decade, Bi Puranen has served as Project Director at the Institute for Futures Studies in Sweden, where she has been carrying out several strategic projects; among them are "the Nineties Report", "World Value Survey" and "Global
Generation. The results from these projects, will hereafter be a part of a broad international project within the framework of "Global Generation" and "World Value Survey", where it will be possible to compare value patterns and belief systems among young people in many countries and in-between generations. Even though Bikupan is a Swedish company a great deal of the activities concerning Business Intelligence and futures studies is carried out with the French Science Park Sophia Antipolis as a platform. The cooperation with the International Management Institute "Theseus", is of significant value as well as the further development of the "World Values Survey" in association with Prof. Ronald F. Inglehart in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

An absolute condition for making communication work is most often to have long-term understanding of lifestyles and values. The ability to listen and the willingness to offer something in return is crucial. Bikupan have during more than ten years of futures studies developed a method based on solid research. Furthermore we have developed formulas for implementation and sustainable change in corporations and organizations; success comes with the ability to identify, understand, adapt and implement highly advanced solutions together with very basic ones. What is making the work of Bikupan unique, is the integration between traditional research, business intelligence and marketing. In brief - a modern communication strategy!


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